22bet casino reviewProject Details

Primary Contractor
Upper Trinity Regional Water District
$94 Million
June 2021
Start Date
Completion Date

Flatiron is proud to be building the mile-long bridge that will run over Lake Ralph Hall, a new reservoir that will provide approximately 35 million gallons of water per day to North Texas communities.

Besides the North Sulphur River Bridge, which will allow State Highway 34 to continue over the body of water, our engineers are constructing other key roadway works as well to make travel in the area as safe and efficient as possible. The bridge design includes paths for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Nearly 372,000 cubic yards of embankment will 22bet casino reviewbe utilized on this sustainable project. That’s enough to fill a 70-foot tall football field. Put together, all the beams on project weigh nearly 40,000,000 pounds. The tallest column on this project is 100 linear feet.

This is the first Texas Department of Transportation project to utilize the innovative progressive design-build delivery method. Flatiron has years of experience with successful PDB projects.