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Starting as a field engineer, Evan immersed himself in the practical aspects of 22bet casino reviewEngineering, acquiring invaluable insights and skills. This hands-on experience not only sharpened his technical abilities but also provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the construction process, encompassing daily operations and the intricacies of project management. Leveraging his field experience, 22bet reviewEvan joined the Construction Engineering Group and now oversees the Central division’s team of construction engineers.  

“For engineers considering a transition from field to office, it’s crucial to amass as much field experience as possible and integrate that knowledge into your office role,” said Evan Slater. 

Currently, he supports projects in the Central division including the Port Arthur, Texas, storm surge upgrade project, Harbor Bridge replacement project and Marcy Gulch Wastewater Treatment Plant 

The Construction 22bet casino reviewEngineering Group at Flatiron focuses on the “how” 22bet reviewwhen it comes to building the project. This team has extensive experience in designing and constructing various temporary works, including:  

  • Solutions for construction sequencing  
  • Structural modeling 
  • Critical lift planning 
  • Falsework and formwork design  
  • Thermal analysis for mass concrete  
  • Safety systems 22bet casino reviewEngineering 
  • Support of Excavation  
  • Custom Rigging Design 

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